"Until I discovered photography I merely glanced at the world and never really noticed what was really around me. The camera has taught me to look. So I invite you to look at what I have seen and I hope that you enjoy seeing the world through my eyes."  
Federico Rekowski


In 2005, Sydney photographer Federico Rekowski, was given his first camera. In that moment he knew there was more to this instrument than just taking pretty pictures. What he discovered was a tool to explore, a way to look at the world differently and to capture the world’s natural beauty, one frame at a time. 

The self-taught, award-winning landscape photographer is influenced by some of the greatest photographers of our time, like Ansel Adams. What truly inspires his photography is his passion and appreciation of the landscape. He is a light composer, always seeking the right composition in every photo; to create mood, emotion and a different perspective for both, the photographer and the viewer. 

Federico specialises in fine art landscapes from Australia and New Zealand. He loves discovering, exploring and revealing what the natural environment has to offer, as well as pushing boundaries within the environment, in camera and in post-production.

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  • 2018 APPA Australian Professional Photography Awards - Silver Distinction and 2 x Silver Award
  • 2018 Head On Photo Festival, NSW Parliament House Speaker Prize - Winner
  • 2018 Head On Photo Festival, Landscape Category - Finalist
  • 2018 AIPP NSW, Emerging Photographer of the Year - Winner  
  • 2018 Sony World Photo Organisation, Enhanced Category - Commended
  • 2017 Australian Photography Magazine, Travel Category - Top 20
  • 2017 Sony World Photo Organisation, Motion Category - Commended
  • 2017 Focus Awards, Photographer of the Year Awards - Top 10
  • 2017 Monovisions Photography Awards - 3rd Place
  • 2017 AIPP Australian Professional Photography Awards - Silver Distinction and Silver Award
  • 2017 AIPP NSW, Photography Awards - 2 Silver Awards
  • 2016 Focus Awards, Seascapes Category - 2nd Place
  • 2016 Focus Awards, Photographer of the Year - Top 10
  • 2016 Australian Photography Magazine, Landscape Category - Top 20